Dear Copperpro Friend

Currently our work shop has decreased its productivity to 30% of what is used to be in October.

Since 10/10/22 russian terrorists has launched over 350 missiles aiming to destroy power stations and power distribution facilities all around Ukraine. And they hit the mark. As a result, we get at our work shop unscheduled power supply for 2 to 4 hours daily! Some days even less!

Due to the lack of our products we switched from fixed prices to auction type ones.

All cost raised above our regular price we will send for support of Ukrainian soldiers who fight and die for our freedom and sovereignty.

Once we get essential oil distillers ready to ship, we put all of them on auction.

BUT IF YOU ARE READY TO WAIT LITTLE BIT, you can get a distiller you like for an regular price.

We will recover our 100% or even 120% productivity within next month as we finally ordered power generators we need for working without a breake.

By the mid of Jan we will absolutely get your order ready to ship! So go ahead!

We also donate around 5% of the regular price to the Ukrainian army.

We are very grateful to you for the support you are admitting to our county and our company by choosing our product.

Your Copperpro team

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