Large selection of copper distillers for home distillation

Copper distillers are precisely what will make your everyday life brighter and more comfortable. It has been proven by time, experience, and positive customer reviews. Home preparation of alcohol is not just a process that must occur with maximum accuracy to the technological map. It is also a specific culture and philosophy that carries a secret and a pleasant pastime. After you have such an apparatus, everyone will want to come to visit and see the process or take essential oil with them.

The main types of copper distillers for essential oils

There are two main types in use today:

  • Copper distiller for essential oils, allowing you to get ether supplies from a flower bed, flowerpots on a balcony, or freshly picked wildflowers.
  • Copper distiller for producing pure and safe alcohol from mash based on yeast or wheat and sugar.

All these types are available in our store at an affordable price. And if you do not know which kind is better to buy or doubt the configuration, experienced specialists will help you make the best choice and choose what you need.

Why copper?

 - The fact is that this metal is one of the safest and, even after heat treatment, does not emit carcinogens or harmful substances to the body. Secondly, copper heats up quickly, but it does not cool down so quickly, which means that the energy costs for heating are minimal. Thirdly, all distillers made of this yellowish-brown metal with impurities look stylish and fit optimally into various interiors.

The production of noble, fragrant, and tasty drinks will now become your strong point. The production of essential oils will create a warm atmosphere, protect against insects, or even for medicinal purposes. In all professional workshops where rum, brandy, and cognac are produced, installations of copper are used because the positive effect is terrific, equally as ease of use and visual component.

Why buy a copper distiller?

  1. Simple care. It is enough after each distillation to wash the apparatus and its components of the kit in a solution of citric acid.
  2. Contact with evaporation products is minimal, which means that all harmful components do not enter the final product.
  3. Suitable even for beginners.

To create a better product, we recommend choosing an all-copper distiller available in various configurations on our website. You can expand equipment with the following elements:

  • cone;
  • column;

These copper distillers for essential oils remove sulfur compounds and allow you to get the most saturated product with the aromas of fruits, berries, or flowers.

Types of copper distillers

  1. Traditional - is an analog of the alambic. The main feature is that the flask and all kits are copper.
  2. Column-type distillers - only one or two components are made of copper, for example, a condenser. Some modules are made of stainless steel.

Speaking of varieties, it is worth mentioning the tray column, inside of which there are capped plates. We present distillation stills, distillers, and moonshine stills of various models and configurations. Consultants will help you determine which option is most suitable for you among steam distillers that produce the product by heating the base and evaporating it.

What to consider when choosing a copper distiller for essential oil?

  • Production volume: for your convenience, you can choose any size.
  • Wall size, traditional solution 5 mm.
  • The presence/absence of handles for the convenience of raising and draining excess from the pot.
  • Which stoves are suitable for: conventional electric, gas, or induction.
  • Appearance.
  • It is also worth considering for what purpose you want to buy a distiller, and it can be universal. 

There is a detailed description of each model and several photos to make better decisions. We also have all the accessories for a quick replacement of the desired part.

You are exactly on the page where you will be prompted, advised, and helped to find the ideal solution, taking into account the tasks and your budget. Our prices for a copper distiller for essential oils will pleasantly surprise you, as well as the speed of delivery throughout the country.