Essential Oil Distiller

Essential oils can be extracted by different means. For home extraction, there are two possibilities: steam extraction and water extraction. Steam extraction is considered as a more efficient mean of oil extraction.
So, if you want to get a lot of essential oil you need as big flavor column as possible.

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    How to choose the essential oil distiller



    We understand that buying essential oil distillers can be scary. Especially if it's your first starter kit. That’s why we want you to know that we focused on customer service. Don't hesitate to ask us.


    We take great pride in offering essential oil distillers. Our Distillers are carefully handcrafted using exclusively premium, heavy gauge copper. We use only lead-free soldering. Our essential oil distillers are not only beautiful to display in your home, workshop but are completely functional.


    • Copper distiller - provides the best heat conductivity among all other materials – it is 25 times better than that of stainless steel. Plus, the heat is distributed evenly during distillation to ensure an essential oil yield.
    • Copper distiller does not break nor rust and can, therefore, be stored away for a very long time, keeping in mind to thoroughly dry the material beforehand to avoid the forming of a toxic green patina. As opposed to the green patina, the dark brownish patina developing after a while is a natural protection against rust and is harmless to health.
    • Copper essential oil distiller for medicinal purposes, e.g. to produce remedies, copper is best suitable due to its antimicrobial effects. It naturally removes harmful fungi, germs and bacteria that are not supposed to remain in the distillate. That’s why copper has a good standing in the production of perfumes and hydrosols as well as essential oils. Especially for remedies, it is important to mention that copper is not magnetic and therefore will have no negative impact on the curative power of herbs or other plant material.



    When water steam rises up, it takes the particles of essential oil of the raw material. Subsequently, the steam goes through the steam pipe to the cooler. Cool water comes into the cooler(condenser) from the bottom part and cools down the tubes installed inside the cooler. The steam passes inside the same tubes and consequently gives its temperature to the water. Hot water leaves the cooler from the upper part and cooled hydrosol drops from the extended tube of the cooler. Read more in our BLOG

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