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Precisely made, great quality, easy to use, beautiful to look at. I am enjoying using this still and love how simple and streamlined it is. I highly recommend

Nicky G.

I use the distiller for the second year. I am really satisfied with both operation and results! Everything works as instructed by seller.
Convenient, reliable, beautiful! It is gratifying to be able to get advice from the manufacturer in full details and in a understandable way. I wld definitely recommend this distiller for beginners!


Great value for the money. Very well made, will last a lifetime, plus. I’m sure my kids and their kids will be using this set after I’m gone. Get yours while you still can.


The Elegant Unveiling of the Craft and Utility of Copper Stills

Welcome to Copper-Pro! Your one-stop site for all your copper distillation needs.

Distilling is an art form that transforms ordinary liquids into extraordinary spirits and elixirs. At the heart of this ancient craft lies the distiller's utensil, with copper reigning as the noble metal of choice for many who seek to elevate the quality and taste of their output.

It's not just the material's allure; copper boasts many benefits that enrich the process. We'll celebrate copper's thermal conductivity, which ensures efficient energy transfer, and its catalytic properties, which cater to the enhancement of flavors and the natural precipitation of sulfur compounds that can detract from the end product's quality.

Selecting the right copper distiller

Selecting the right copper distiller

Imagine producing your essential oils right within the comfort of your home. Our steam distillation equipment allows you to enhance the aroma of your living space or concoct a fragrant, alcohol-free beverage from plant materials that's all-natural and bursting with flavor.

At Copper-Pro, we take pride in the quality and originality of our equipment. It's designed for functionality while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic to complement your home or business. In fact, we're so certain of our quality that we're offering special deals on copper distillers.

We want to ensure our customers find the perfect distiller for their needs and budget. Whether you're looking to extract essential oils, distill hydrosols, or make your own alcohol, you'll find the perfect equipment here. Our wide range includes everything from alcohol distillers to commercial distillation units and herb distillers. 

With our range of sizes, styles, and features, there's a copper distiller for every need. When it comes to accessories, we've got you covered. You'll find everything you need for essential oil and alcohol distillation and raw materials for DIY enthusiasts.

If you're unsure which model to purchase, our expert consultants are ready to help you make an informed decision. 

Alcohol Distillers

If you want to enhance your spirits' flavor, Copper-Pro's alcohol distillers are a fantastic choice. These distillers are designed with diverse bowl sizes and configurations, providing flexibility for different scales and types of alcohol production. Plus, using copper significantly enhances the final product's flavor, helping control taste and reduce bitterness.

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, Copper-Pro's alcohol distillers provide a smooth, customized distillation experience.

Commercial Distillation Units

Copper-Pro offers commercial distillation units for larger-scale distillation operations. These units are versatile enough to produce a broad spectrum of distilled products, including premium, high-proof spirits. They are designed to accommodate different production volumes, making them a fantastic choice for commercial operations.

With continuous distillation systems like the Coffey still and semi-continuous systems like the Charentais Alembic Still, Copper-Pro's commercial units offer the flexibility and efficiency you need for your large-scale distillation operations.

Herb Distillers

Herb Distillers

Essential oil enthusiasts, on the other hand, will find Copper-Pro's herb distillers a perfect fit. These distillers:

  • Utilize steam distillation for the efficient extraction of essential oils from plants and inflorescences
  • Are user-friendly and compact
  • Offer various configurations and bowl sizes to suit different needs.

Plus, creating essential oils and hydrosols at home with Copper-Pro herb distillers offers several benefits:

  • It is a cost-effective alternative to buying commercial products.
  • Essential oils can be extracted and used in various ways, including massages, cosmetics, aroma lamps, and diffusers.
  • It can enhance the ambiance of living spaces.

Why is copper distillation equipment the best for anybody?

The benefits are many. Copper is one of the safest metals around, even after heat treatment, there is no emission of carcinogens or harmful substances. It also heats up quickly but cools down slowly, making it energy-efficient. Not to mention that all distillers made from this yellowish-brown metal look stylish and blend seamlessly into various interiors. 

Key Takeaways

  • Copper distillers offer superior heat distribution, catalytic properties for flavor improvement, and visual appeal, making them a favorite among distillers for efficiency and quality.
  • Copper-Pro provides various types of distillation equipment, catering to different needs, from alcohol distillation to essential oil extraction, focusing on flexibility and quality.
  • Ownership of a copper still involves thoughtful selection based on system, quality, and price, as well as diligent maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

The Advantages of Copper Steam Distillation 

The Advantages of Copper Steam Distillation

One of the key advantages lies in their superior thermal conductivity. Copper's ability to evenly distribute heat across its surface prevents hot spots and ensures a consistent distillation process. This translates into more efficient distillation, saving you both time and energy.

Plus, the rapid heat transfer allows for a more controlled and efficient boiling process, ensuring that your distillate is of the highest quality.

Catalytic Properties

But it's not just about heat. The catalytic properties of copper play a significant role in enhancing the quality of your distillate. Copper facilitates the breakdown of esters and sulfur compounds, reducing undesirable flavors in the final spirit. This means that distilling with copper can help control the flavor of your distillate, contributing to a less bitter taste.

Additionally, copper's natural antimicrobial properties remove potential contaminants during the distillation process, ensuring a purer distillate.


And let's remember the visual appeal. They exude a traditional charm and elegance that can enhance any distillery's overall design and appeal. Whether you're setting up a distillery at home or in a commercial space, copper still can serve as a centerpiece, adding a dash of vintage charm and sophistication.

When purchasing from us, you get more than just steam distillation equipment. You get a product of superior quality crafted from copper. Our distillation kits are perfectly engineered, providing high thermal stability, resistance to corrosion, and aesthetically pleasing design coupled with practical care. Moreover, our products are built to deliver long-lasting service without a hint of trouble.

At Copper Pro, we value an individualistic approach. We understand the difficulty you might face while selecting the right distillation equipment, so our dedicated consultants are always ready to help. They will guide you to your ideal choice based on functionality, pot volume, and price.

Dive right in – the world of distillation awaits!

the world of distillation awaits

So why wait? Start your journey into the world of home distillation today with our high-quality, affordable copper distillers. Trust us: the satisfaction of creating your oils or alcohol will make it all worth it.

Choose the model that catches your eye, or let us help you decide. Place your order and wait for your high-quality copper distillation equipment to arrive at your doorstep. We guarantee you will soon be brewing exquisite and environmentally friendly essential oils.

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Happy distilling!