Customers Reviews

Precisely made, great quality, easy to use, beautiful to look at. I am enjoying using this still and love how simple and streamlined it is. I highly recommend

Nicky G.

I use the distiller for the second year. I am really satisfied with both operation and results! Everything works as instructed by seller. Convenient, reliable, beautiful! It is gratifying to be able to get advice from the manufacturer in full details and in a understandable way. I wld definitely recommend this distiller for beginners!


Great value for the money. Very well made, will last a lifetime, plus. I’m sure my kids and their kids will be using this set after I’m gone. Get yours while you still can.


Copper Distillation Equipment for Essential Oils

We greet you! You are on the right page among all the abundance on the Internet, where you can find and buy equipment for distillation at the best prices. Today, the home distillation process is becoming real, engaging, and, most importantly, so you can put it into practice at an affordable price.

We offer essential oils distillation equipment for your production to improve the quality and aroma of the air or a product to get a natural strong aromatic drink devoid of fusel oils.

Our online store has all the equipment to start producing essential oil from herbs and flowers without any experience to make flavored drinks that will delight you and your guests.

What kind of equipment for distillation can you find here?

We offer high-quality, proven equipment made of copper, which has proven itself in various areas:

  • high thermal stability: heats up quickly and cools down slowly;
  • additional protection against corrosion in contact with vapors and liquids;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • the practicality of care;
  • long working life without any problems.

We have proven that having essential oils distillation equipment at home is a practical and, most importantly, profitable solution to create a unique aromatic atmosphere in the home or add the resulting oil to cosmetics to care for the skin, moisturizing and protecting it.

We have ready-made kits and accessories to receive exquisite essential oils and be as confident as possible in their quality, originality, and environmental friendliness. 

You will immediately feel the savings and practicality of such a unit at home. It is enough to collect the herbal collection, pour water into a pot, heat it, and after a while, get a concentrated extraction based on various products: from roses to tea or thyme.

Copper Pro: attentive and individual approach

If you can’t decide which essential oils distillation equipment is right for you, contact our consultants for help. Based on your wishes, they will select the ideal distillation equipment, taking into account the following aspects:

  • functional;
  • the volume of the pot;
  • price policy.

Since all goods are in stock, you will not have to wait long for shipment, and already a few days after placing an order, you will test the distiller and feel all its benefits. We offer expensive and more affordable models that will delight you. They can also be an excellent gift for people who want to create a unique, essential oil-based on several herbs.

How to buy distillation equipment essential oils?

  1. Choose on your own or with the help of consultants a suitable model on the site, taking into account its appearance and description.
  2. Place an order in the shopping cart, specifying all the necessary details.
  3. Pay for the goods and wait for delivery.

We guarantee that we send only high-quality original equipment, which will allow you to get essential oils or aromatic drinks with excellent taste and aroma. You can always read full information about the kit, find out the current price, and even ratings with user reviews.