Distilling herbs for making hydrosol and essential oils

If you regularly take care of comfort, a pleasant smell at home, and prefer natural ingredients like fragrances, then you should take a closer look at herb distillers as your primary purchase for the near future. They will please not only you but can be an excellent gift to your dear people for any occasion. The main task that the device performs is the extraction of essential oils from plants and inflorescences by the steam method with minimal loss of odor saturation.

Herb distiller: 3 reasons to buy a kit

  1. Suitable for use by people who have never dealt with similar processes before and have no idea how the equipment works.
  2. Affordable price, especially compared to how much you will spend to regularly buy esters and oils to improve the air at home or for a massage.
  3. The aesthetic and compact appearance of the set is presented in various configurations and bowl sizes.

Today, herb distillers have become an integral part of ecological philosophy. They are especially needed by those who want to show off the plants in their garden or balcony and create unique products.

What are herb distillers?

Today, in the assortment of our online store, there are several types of steam distillers. You can choose from models with pots made of the following materials:

  • metal alloy;
  • copper.

Copper has high thermal conductivity properties, shows impressive disinfection effects, and has a concise and stylish look. There are also combined kits when the pot is made of one material and all related devices are made of others.

The principle of operation unites them - the required volume of clean liquid is poured into the water pot, herbs or flowers are laid out, and the device is placed on the fire source. In the home distillation process, essential oils are released, and they fall into a special hole after several stages of purification. An accurate cleaning system removes harmful impurities from the final product and leaves only valuable components.

When choosing a herb distiller, consider the following aspects:

  • the volume for which the pot is designed, as a rule, for home use does not exceed a few liters;
  • the appearance of the pot: completely smooth, matte, or with additional decor;
  • the presence or absence of handles for transporting the pot, and the material from which they are made.

Experienced online store consultants will help you make a choice considering the voiced wishes and prices.

In the future, you can use the resulting oil for various purposes: for massage, added to cosmetics, used for aroma lamps and diffusers to improve the quality and aroma of indoor or outdoor air. Also, you can use such a pure, self-created oil to prepare other products.

You will be pleased with a huge range of herb distillers in our online store. You can also purchase a hydrosol still. The price is one of the best in the country, and the quality is on top. When ordering from us, you get an original product of 100% quality with a complete set and clear instructions for use.