Moonshine stills for the best alcohol ever

If you’ve always dreamed of running your own distillery, there’s never been a better time. The popularity of craft liquors is on the rise, and getting a foothold in the industry is no longer an unattainable fantasy.

Absolutely, you’ve seen a lot of types of the alembic, however, all of them had the same cons (size, thickness, lack of extraction features). In this model, we considered all of the reviews and designed according to technical standards.

The Features of our Copper moonshine still  in which cases it’s worth buying.

There can be a lot of debate among distillers over which type of alcohol distiller is the best. We would like to make it clear. 

Unique stills for making moonshine. Using a copper moonshine still, you can experiment with flavors and create exquisite scents. After all, making yourself is more valuable than buying mass-produced drinks. Every Gin bottle you produce is a masterpiece.

Copper Pot still for flavoring beverages at home

Our copper distiller suits for flavouring already prepared alcohol. You can fill in vodka, or low alcohol spirits from 12% ABV into the boiler. Fill up the aroma basket with herbs and get a unique high-quality drink with amazing scents.

Low cost and ease of operation make this a great starter still for those looking to get into distilling. 

In the same time, advanced moonshiners will find it practical to use the copper still for making a second distillation process. This gorgeous copper moonshine still produces excellent quality spirits like whiskey, fruit brandy, schnapps, grappa, and others.

Moonshine reflux still

This distiller has reflux (dephlegmator), it means that comparatively to pot stills, reflux stills are designed to create a higher proof with little to no flavor alcohol. Reflux still is like a lot of pot stills assembled together that’s why it can make multiple distillations in a single run. 

This is how vodka and rum are distilled and then just diluted to proof safe for human consumption. Reflux still is great for producing high-quality vodka, rum, grappa, tequila, higher proof whiskey.

Design of copper moonshine still 

The model - “flavor still” differs from analogues on the market. First of all, it’s a small distiller and you can use a home stove (gas or electronic). 

The second feature, it’s real copper. You might know that copper has over four times the thermal conductivity of it’s the closest rival, stainless steel. 

It also has a good reputation for removing toxins. Copper gives a fresh brisk taste to all food and beverages. And has been reported to provide 30% to 50% better flavour than other cooking metals. The third feature, a gin basket (flavouring column & sieve) gives you more opportunities for experiments.

What do you need to start distilling?

- Stove (electric or gas)

- Central water supply or nbsp;pump for circulating water to the cooler. After receiving the distillate, you will need hydrometers to BV. We recommend buying in the nearest store or on our website)

- Mash  \ Prepared alcohol (distilled),  yeast