Hydrosol distillers for making hydrosol and floral water

For customers who have determined for themselves the importance and necessity of buying home distillation kits and have decided that they will make a choice and order in our online store, it is worth taking a closer look at the Hydrosol distiller which has successfully established itself on the market.

Copper Hydrosol distiller
If you are starting your journey in the field of aromatherapy, then you should take a closer look at this brand of distillers, which has the following features:
  • detailed control over all stages of production of system components;
  • easy start of distillation, even if before that the client had no experience and knowledge;
  • acceptable pricing policy, taking into account the endurance and service life of Hydrosol distillers.

Copper hydrosol distillers are used to obtain aromatic essential oils, which can later become the basis or addition to cosmetics, and aroma oils in the home, as well as to get drinks with a pleasant aftertaste and aroma.

Copper hydrosol distiller for your use

The presented copper sets differ from others in high thermal conductivity: when heated quickly, they cool down slowly, saving heat resources. Excellent universal appearance allows you to adapt the device to the interior in different styles. Another plus of copper is corrosion protection and ease of maintenance after using the device.

A steam distiller works: pour water into a special compartment and then lay out herbs or inflorescences. By heating the water, extraction takes place, and the plants give off their rich, ethereal aroma, which flows in the form of a hydrosol through a unique tube into a separate container.

It is Hydrosol distillers that make it possible to obtain a product with the following features:

  • no additional artificial additives;
  • pure product without impurities of alcohol and preservatives;
  • high therapeutic value;
  • the absence of dyes in flower water.

Recommendations for choosing a copper hydrosol distiller

  1. Select a home kit according to the appropriate amount of product to be produced.
  2. Consider productivity: for personal use, the equipment that gives 3 liters of hydrosol in 1 hour is one of the most optimal and in demand.
  3. Analyze the appearance: dimensions, metal finishing options.

A significant advantage of ordering from us is that you immediately receive the entire set for distillation at home.

A practical solution is when the model has wooden handles, with which it is easy to carry the apparatus, drain the residues at the end of the distillation process, and clean all parts.

Copper hydrosol distiller for home production

If you want to study not only theoretically but also in practice how distillation works and get pure flower water from herbs and flowers, then you should pay attention to such kits. Depending on the material to be evaporated, hydrosols can be water-soluble or alcoholic. The first ones are perfectly used for taking baths and heating the aroma lamp with a solution.

What essential oils should you have at home?

  1. Mint and Melissa. Such aromas are often used in saunas and baths. In addition to freshness, they provide prevention from diseases, in particular, the respiratory tract. If you regularly improve the air in the room with mint-based essential oils, you can significantly reduce the number of fungi and bacteria.
  2. Chamomile is optimal for treating skin problems and maintaining healthy skin. Also, the aroma of chamomile has a positive effect on calming the body and improves sleep, even in rooms where children sleep.
  3. Lavender fights fungus and bacteria and boosts immunity.

But this is not a complete list of areas for using flower water obtained through a copper distiller. The resulting product can be added to natural soap or shower gel, primarily based on roses.

Together with the aroma effect, the products will gently cleanse the skin and improve blood flow and lymph movement. Hydrosol based on oak bark, sage, and chamomile is indispensable for rinsing the mouth. Increasingly, hydrosol is used to make facial tonic and spray, which can be poured into a bottle with a dispenser and applied evenly over the face, refreshing it. But citrus components have been added to face and body masks, especially those that have to cope with orange peel.

Home distillation products are indispensable for solving other problems:

  • soothing and healing wounds on the skin, for example, after a fall in children or after insect bites;
  • removal of make-up from the face with additional moisturizing;
  • maintaining the freshness of bed linen;
  • aerosol formation and humidification systems in winter gardens;
  • creation of pleasantly tactile wet wipes for body care with a light fragrance.

Hydrosol is a product of distillation, condensate, which is obtained in the apparatus after heating water and plant components in a special form. It dissolves in water, and its aroma is considered fresher than that of saturated essential oil. Natural essential oil consists of 2 layers:

  • the upper floating layer is unsuitable for use;
  • the remaining 90% usable is the hydrosol, the best part of the oil.

Traditionally, hydrosols are distinguished by a rich aroma of a plant or flower at its base, without color, and in a liquid uniform consistency. The higher the quality of the apparatus for distillation, the fewer impurities, and odors in the final product.

Obtaining a unique aroma based on an herbal collection is a whole philosophy, a hobby that, once discovered, is difficult to leave. We will help you choose the Hydrosol distiller and accessories for it according to your wishes and quickly deliver throughout the country.