Hydrosol distillers for producing hydrosol and floral water

Produce hydrosols of lavender, mint, rosemary in any quantity at home! Hydrosol still is equipped with everything necessary for an easy start of the distillation process.

If you are just starting your journey in the field of aromatherapy, or if you are the owner of a sauna, then you definitely need to buy a device! Without any doubts. You can use the floral water produced by extractor for hydrosols as the main feature of your sauna!

Copper Hydrosol distiller

Copper hydrosol distillation kits

Copper still for hydrosols designed especially for steam distillation and they are much more reliable than glass one. It’s a great gift and an amazing hobby.

When selecting hydrolats \ hydrosols, the most important thing to check out is how pure and natural they are.  As we mentioned above some ‘floral or flower waters’ can be synthetic, or contain artificial additives, alcohol, preservatives, and colourings, which affects the therapeutic value. Make your own 100% pure and natural hydrolats, then, you can’t go wrong. 

About our models and kits of hidrosol extractors

  1. Have you ever seen such a design? me neither. Really a masterpiece. Even if you are not willing to make oils, hydrosols … the design can be the main reason for buying the distiller.
  2. It’s a working model, and you can produce 3  liters of hydrosols per 1 hour. The hydrosol doesn’t need to be diluted and can be used as it is in your aroma purposes.
  3. You will get everything you need, kit includes a distiller(column&condencer, tri-clamp, sieve) , water hoses, tap adapter.
  4. This model is more practical and constructed with wooden handles. So, it becomes easier to carry when you need to clear or move somewhere.

Home hydrosol producing - how and where to use

Hydrosols work in many (but not all) applications that essential oil does. They just do it in smaller, safer doses. Because hydrosols are water-soluble, they dissolve easily in water-based applications – like baths

In traditional Finnish saunas, scents are commonly used scents, featuring a minty smell. Hydrosols offer a wide range of health benefits, including bacterial and fungal prevention, pain reduction, improved circulation, skin toning, body detoxification, and skin condition treatment.

Hydrosol is commonly used in Bath Tonics, Antiseptic Wound Spray, Bug-Off! Spray, Antibacterial Soap, Air Fresheners, Lemon Balm for Immune Health, Peppermint Antiseptic Mouthwash, Natural Body Spray, Facial Toner, Nourishing Face Masks.

Here are some of their most popular uses and some that you may not have encountered before.

  • Hydrate and moisturise your skin
  • Soothe sunburn
  • Cool the effects of hot flushes
  • Refreshing facial toners for all skin types
  • Perfect as a body mist
  • Set make-up
  • Add to facial masks
  • Freshen linens
  • Mist house plants
  • Make soothing eye pads
  • Make “wet wipes” for hands, faces and baby’s bottoms (simply mist a tissue)


Hydrosols are the condensate result of steam distillation of plants or flowers produced when creating a natural essential oil. 

The top floating layer of essential oil is removed and the remaining 90% of the water is considered hydrosol. Most often they are infused with essential oils —which is not the same thing as a true hydrosol. Pure hydrosols will contain some of the same aromatic molecules as essential oils but in a much lower concentration. They are typically clear and colourless and have a light, trace aroma of the original plant or flower.

Essential oil vs Hydrosol

Though they are made from the same process, hydrosols and essential oils also are comprised of different components. Hydrosols contain constituents from the plant that dissolve in water. Essential oils are the constituents that dissolve in oil. Hydrosol, which contains many of the herbaceous elements of the original plant that essential oils do not, often are considered to have a ‘greener’ aroma than essential oil. Oil tends to have a sweeter aroma than the hydrosol from the same plant which some find more refreshing.

Hydrosols are a simpler, and safer way to venture into using aromatherapy and often recommended as the ‘first choice’ when experimenting with the effects of essential oils.

Why Use Hydrosol versus Lavender Essential Oil

Less concentrated is not necessarily a bad thing.

After all the power of essential oils IS that they are so powerful (for instance, they are solvents which means they can dissolve oil-based paints)! Versus essential oils, which will float on top of the water, not dissolve. 

In addition, therapists often will recommend applications of essential oils be applied (sparingly) into a ‘carrier oil’ first to dilute the effects. Hydrosols, on the other hand, are a simpler, and safer way to venture into using aromatherapy and often recommended as the ‘first choice’ when experimenting with the effects of essential oils. This makes them safer for home and non-professional use and even aromatherapy professionals will often choose hydrosols as the first method in their treatments.