Dear Copperpro friend

Dear Copperpro friend
Dear Copperpro friend,

Currently our work shop has decreased its productivity to 50% of what is used to be in October.

Since 10/10/22 russian terrorists has launched over 350 missiles aiming to destroy power stations and power distribution facilities all around Ukraine. As a result of this attacks, we have here power cuts without any clear cycles.

So we are not able to plan our work as back out could last 3, 4, 5 hours and even more and we don’t know when next power cut will be when there is power supply at the moment.

Despite all the mystery of the life we have here and its unpredictability, we do our best to produce our copper distillers and deliver it to your door all around the globe. It will take a up to 10 days for us to get the product you order; in case it is not available at the moment. We ask you for little bit of patience.

We do also support the soldiers who defend our freedom and sovereignty, sometimes at the price of their own life. 5% of the sales are donated!

We are very grateful to you for the support you are admitting to our county and our company by choosing our product.

Your Copperpro team

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