Essential Oils and Hydrosols for Transitional Times

Essential Oils and Hydrosols for Transitional Times

Hydrosols Can Collaborate with Flower Essences

The plant kingdom has always been available to humans who listen and observe. As we all transition during this time of great change, we can rediscover personal and collective comfort in nature.  Essential oils and hydrosols bring plant knowledge directly to us through topical and airborne application.  This is a moment to integrate plant intelligence innovatively, using the ancient art of distillation with Copperpros’s exquisitely crafted distillers. 

Both plant oils and hydrosols encompass vital energy that is the signature of the individual plant.  Distillation concentrates the plant’s spirit and gift of teaching. Thick and viscous essential oils are the condensed essence of the plant.  They are often dispersed in a carrier oil and used for topical application or dispersed in the air through diffusing.  Essential oils are commonly recognized as a method to work with the wisdom of the plant kingdom. 

Hydrosols as a Stand-Alone Transformational Aid

Hydrosols as a Stand-Alone Transformational Aid

Hydrosols are often overlooked as a distinct tool. They hold the plant’s signature in the condensed water that accumulates during the distillation process.  Lighter and translucent, hydrosols engage our senses and work well as mists and splashes.  They can lend personal insight, comfort, and healing to us. Their form should be equally as respected as a carrier of plant knowledge, and not delegated to a secondary role after essential oils. 

Copperpro has modestly priced distillers that can be utilized to creatively bring hydrosols into active practice.  Hydrosols, coupled with flower essences, enable you and plants to innovatively participate in a co-creative process.  Using a personal distiller for hydrosol production, opens the door of opportunity for individual growth, and professional distinction.

Being the thinner, energetic code of the plant, hydrosols offer us inspiration at the emotional and spiritual level.  They are the watery transformational essence that connects us to the higher chakras. Healing and transparent, working on the outer layers of the human, changing us at an energetic level, hydrosols have a distinct place in our evolution at this moment in time.   

Coupling Hydrosols with Energetic Medicine

Coupling Hydrosols with Energetic Medicine

Flower essences work to modulate the spirit in the most subtle of ways.  Dr. Edward Bach opened the door to this healing in the 1930s in England.  He explored floating flowers on water and decanting that water to help humans process emotional dissidence. Flower essences are accepted tools used to help humans cope with emotional challenges.  Misting on the skin or in the room are but two methods to disperse this plant wisdom.  Consider how the imaginative and innovative combining of these two techniques could support you personally, and your clients in your professional practice.  Copperpro distillers facilitate the creative process of integrating your intuition with plant teachings. 

Connect to nature in her most subtle and etheric incarnation.  Open yourself to working in a collaborative fashion with hydrosols and flower essences. Both modalities use water as a universal medium to transmit the guidance of the plant kingdom.  Take the next step in your own evolution in consciousness and invite plant wisdom into your practice using hydrosols coupled with flower essences. 

Using your Distiller to Produce a New Transformational Tool

Using your Distiller to Produce a New Transformational Tool

Forge two exquisite healing tools with your intentions, to aid humanity’s leap forward.  Consider the value to your clients in offering this incredible imaginative tool. You are the creative artist facilitating communication between plant hydrosols, flower essences, and your client for spiritual growth.  Take your creative intuition and positive intentions beyond the exclusive use of essential oils.  Engage with hydrosols!

Use your moment in time well here.  Work directly with a one-of-a-kind company that manufactures distillers for home and professional use.  Time honored metal craftsmanship is respectful of your co-creative interaction with nature.  Experience personally, the coupling of the past with the present, and propel your clients into the future. 

Copperpro has modestly priced distillers that you can utilize to creatively bring hydrosols into your practice. Hydrosols, coupled with flower essences, enable you and plants to co-create and bring forth exclusive teachings in a most innovative way.  Using a personal distiller for hydrosol production opens the door of opportunity for personal growth and professional distinction.

Inspiration Using Exciting Combinations in Skincare and Beyond

Carrots work synergistically with the earth to offer us a delicious concentration of minerals and vitamins from deep in the soil. Carrot seed essential oil is equated with antibacterial and antimicrobial action.  Carrot seeds hold the entire signature of the plant.

Carrot seed hydrosol offers the same attributes of antibacterial /antimicrobial action, in a milder form than an essential oil.   This hydrosol can be applied directly to the skin and could be considered a toner after cleansing.  Carrot seed hydrosol encourages soothing repair of the epidermis.  Healthy skin is desired as it works as a barrier to support the immune system of the body. 

Inflamed and agitated skin is common with shaving.  Carrot seed hydrosol can be paired with the Oak Remedy from the Bach Flower Essences. This essence lends itself to the body’s strong resilience.  This resilience of the epidermis may be challenged with the constant exfoliation seen with daily shaving.  Oak adds the emotional element of courage to see this condition through to the goal of intact and healed skin.  Imagine the light scent associated with hand chopping carrots, and you know this is a simple, clean, and pleasant aroma.  Coupling hydrosols and the Bach Flower Remedies seems appropriate for innovative earth-driven topical skincare.  

Everlasting or helichrysum is an extraordinary skin rejuvenator.  This hydrosol can rejuvenate more severely damaged skin and has long been associated with scars and lacerations resistant to repair.  Gorse comes to mind from the Bach Remedies as a source of inspiration in overcoming cases that have obstinately resisted prior attempts at healing.  Gorse offers the emotional gift of believing in a positive outcome.   Helichrysum and Gorse are a good combination for stubborn skin issues. 

A hydrosol has the wonderful quality of being the watery signature of the plant.  It can be misted directly onto the skin.  Working as a covering veil of healing moisture on the face, a hydrosol does not need to be used with a carrier oil.   Engulfing the skin in a cloud of healing energy that quickly dissipates and does not interfere with your regular skin care routine is desirable.  Using a remedy that does not clog the follicles, is an essential attribute for anything used on the face. 

There is no reason to limit yourself to just skin care in using hydrosols.  Rose Geranium or Lavender hydrosol can be adapted as a linen spray. Each imparts a very light scent. These hydrosols offer bactericidal action when sprayed on bedding or furniture.  Holly Remedy would work as the co-player in this airborne energetic.  Holly portends universal love.  Imagine misting your pillow each night before falling asleep in an energetically enhanced hydrosol. Connect back to the grounding action of the earth with a simple spray.

How Do You Make These?

How to use your distiller for make hydrosol

Using your Copperpro distiller to produce the hydrosol is the first step.  Once you have a small quantity of 3-5 ounces of your foundational ingredient, an equal number of drops of the energetic Bach Flower Essence of choice may be added.  Putting these together in a clear glass spray bottle with your positive intention to uplift and promote optimal health, is all there is to it.  It is that simple! 


A quick spritz after facial cleansing is time efficient and a gentle tactile experience.  Misting your linens and your living room has the potential to clean your living space on both the physical and the energic level. Making bespoke small batches of hydrosols using your Copperpro distiller allows you to totally individualize your gift from Gaia. Move the energy of the plant kingdom into your home or office.  Imagine the energy of the earth and plant wisdom in a totally new way. 

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