Your Support for Ukraine – Reports

Your Support for Ukraine – Reports

We are about to start our CopperPro production but the war is still going on.

Recently I’ve visited the city where our production is located. It is called Chernihiv. Since Russian terrorists got out from that region the city is taking first steps to return to normal life. I went there to bring some humanitarian and take some refugees with me and some remaining CopperPro extraction units from the production. What is saw when reaching the city was terrible. Whole quarter of private houses was destroyed by Russians invaders. Later I was a lot of destruction in the city itself. All are colleagues are alive, which is most important thing, but some of houses where they live have medium or heavy damages.

Today I’ve got good news: our production will get electricity within this or next week and hopefully we could continue to produce our beautiful copper distilling equipment. We hope for your further support, too.

Unfortunately, the war is still going on. We have heavy fights on the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. So CopperPro company continues to support different units who is fighting for freedom of all democratic world against the regime of Putin.

Here one can find a report of the direct donation we have received from you and a donation our company has made due to the fact you have chosen our extraction stills.

Here is short video from British Press on Ivankiv, the town where I personally was from the first day of the war and have fled on 9.03.

Ukraine will regain the freedom of all its citizens and we will do our best to come it true as soon as possible.


Iurii Zhukov, CopperPro CEO

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  • Nanette Moseley on May 18, 2022

    Thank you for your beautiful products and for the updates on what is happening in the Ukraine. The whole world is supporting the Ukraine, and what you are going thru is impossible to imagine. Sending love, prayers and an order for your extractor.

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