Reflux plate
Reflux plate

Reflux plate



Questions and Answers

Can I use it for hydrolats?

Yes, you can. The distillation process is the same

Is the indoor layer as copper or steel?

It’s copper inside

The circulating water to convert the steam to liquid needs water pipes to recooling. They are in the box?

Yes, the package includes silicon tubes to connect and supply the condenser with recooling water.

 To put in circulating cool water at work it needs a water pump. It is in the box?

No, the pump is not included. The essential oil maker is meant to be used with water tap by using central water systems.

Copper work on Induction electrical heater?

No, copper distiller doesn’t work on induction electrical heater. In the case of using an induction heater, you have to buy an adapter. However, it will be cheaper to buy an electrical one.