Aromatherapy: healing odors

Aromatherapy: healing odors
Aromatherapy is valuable because it enables to find an odor which will solve not only comprehensive but also symptomatic problems. It will mitigate fatigue, headache, and invigorate, giving strength and inspiration for work. Due to the enlargement of tool set for extraction of essential oils at home this variety of alternative medicine has become one of the most favorite procedures at minimal risk, fast and prolonged effect. 

Top-7 of odors deserving attention of everybody

1.Lavender, of course, is one of the most popular because the properties of its essential oil are comprehensive and suitable for solution of different problems: from curing headache to body relaxation and wrinkle-smoothing effect. 
2. Lemon helps to improve human immunity to possible cold-related diseases, and prolong youth because it counteracts free radicals. Its oil is applied when human needs help in adaptation to various social changes. 
3.Jasmin will enable to deal with stress and anxiety disorders. Small aromatic flowers open important chakras for women and help them to become more attractive. 
4. Verbena. Many people directly associate this plant with Scarlett O’Hara, because the principal character of “Gone with the Wind” liked this plant and used its extract as a perfume. Even today it is difficult to overestimate its function of aphrodisiac, and its fast effect when it is necessary to relieve huge psychological tension and to be tuned for important decisions.  
5. Fir. Although pine odor is relatable only to Christmastime, fir essential oils contribute to curing rare diseases, and their addition into cosmetic products will help to overcome the signs of senescence: wrinkles, skin withering. It is rumored that the fir activates communication abilities.
6. Basil and its positive aromatic properties are beneficial not only for cookery but also for relieving headache. Regular aromatic sessions on its base are important. It will raise attention concentration and help to become less tired when it is planned hard emotional period or lot of work.
7. Peppermint copes with emotional burnout and enable to find recourses which seem to have already been exhausted before. At the energy level it is the odor of resumption and complete recovery of soul and body.   
These are not all the essential oils of herbs which have positive effect. Experimentalize, find yours, be happy and healthy. Homemade esters manufactured with a reflux still by your own hands in quite atmosphere are charged with positive emotions. Adding essential oil into water for aromatherapy, using it for massage or inhalation you may be sure of quality and originality of the product and then its positive properties. 

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