Lavender secret: why cosmetics containing this herb is necessary?

Lavender secret: why cosmetics containing this herb is necessary?
The odor of this beautiful small purple flower cannot be confused with any other one. The mountain, garden and ornamental lavender not only decorates landscapes but is also applied in aromatherapy and cosmetology. The perfume of its essential oil is used in the production of tonics, creams, essences due to a unique biochemical compound:
– acetic, valeric, capronic, butyric acids;
– nerol;
– borneol;
– camphene;
– cedrene;
– coumarins;
The unique formula enables to use its oil for anti-cold, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, and immunostimulatory effect. Natural compound of the oil is helpful for active wound healing and regeneration of epidermis, that is why it is added into skin care cosmetics to get the following results:
– to smooth large wrinkles;
– to retard emergence of new wrinkles;
– to flatten relief after acne;
– to facelift;
Lavender flowers have smoothing effect and helps in proper function of respiratory tract. Aroma sessions with lavender essential oil enable to mitigate fatigue, significantly improve sleep, and helps to deal with stress at minimal emotional losses. Some drops of natural oil are added to the base of cosmetics for massage. Skin becomes more resilient, and beautiful after several sessions, it has fewer stretch marks, and it is smooth to the touch. If it is necessary to recover from solar burns then the essential oil is just what you need because its components will relieve epidermis.
Strong antiseptic properties and anti-inflammatory effect make the herb one of the most requested in cosmetology. Due to them it is possible to revitalize skin, reinforce its immune properties and even inhibit the process of senescence. In ancient times the lavender flowers were used for embalming because it had been proved that they can “keep” cells in living state for a long time.
Characteristics of lavender
1.The plant is applied in cosmetics for skin of various ages: it is effective against inflammations for young skin; it relieves mature skin from wrinkles and returns its plasticity.
2.Lavender has low allergenic potency.
3. It has additional smoothing effect, mitigates signs of fatigue and irritation.
Essential oils of violet flowers are frequently added into shampoos and balsams, especially for dull brittle hairs. Their composition enables skin and hair to bear weather changes easier. Often store-bought lavender oil contains admixtures and other vegetable oils. If you want to use only natural oils for aromatherapy or cosmetics then you need to buy a reflux still to produce them. Homemade esters manufactured by your own hands is an ideal solution.

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