Essential oil uses guide

Essential oil uses guide

Where to Apply Essential Oils

Products of distillation will be excellently suitable for making candles, soap, at home


No wonder that household extraction of hydrolates (floral water) from lavender, peppermint, tea-rose, and pyrethrum gains popularity amongst lovers of natural cosmetics, perfumery and essential oils.


Popular type of essential oils

Essential oils are not only a source of pleasant flavor but it is also a powerful tool of influence on psychoemotional and physical human state. Aroma selected correctly for making a candle will help not only to enhance your mood but also to release from some diseases.

There are several tens of essential oil types but only some of them are very popular. People usually prefer:

🌿Peppermint oil - It relaxes, relieves the stress and has a good effect on overall health;
🌿Lavender oil - 👉 It produces a regenerative effect, relieves the stress, reduces arterial tension, reinforce the immunity and have a good effect on the state of hairs;
🌿 Lemongrass oil 👉 It can relieve anxiety, invigorate, inbreathe, and improve memory;
🌿 Rosemary oil 👉 It is powerful aphrodisiac which can reduce signs of stress and mitigate fatigue;

As a rule, essential oils produce combined effect but some odors have special use.


How to choose essential oil correctly? 

There are some rules and it is necessary to follow them when you buy an essential oil.

dark bottles for essential oils

Pay attention to container: it is suitable only dark packing materials for oils;

Read content of oils

It must not contain any extraneous agents and chemical admixtures.

heavy smell of oil

Smell should not be very intensive, strong and coarse.

Because essential oils are so concentrated, they usually smell quite potent right out of the bottle. Some, like rose or chamomile, are naturally more subtle, but still unmistakable. When you’re buying oils, they should smell pleasant and natural. Trust your nose.


✔️ If you want to be sure of oil naturalness you can produce it by yourself

⚗️The most efficient and popular method is distillation. ▶️▶️▶️

😍 Using a special still you can extract essential matters from fresh plants as well as dried ones. ▶️▶️▶️

Only disadvantage of this equipment is impossibility to use fruits and seeds.

make oils at home with copper distiller

How to make aromatherapy candles

Essential oils are often used for production of candles. It is easy to make such a candle at home. You need for its production the following:

  1. Wax, paraffine, stearin (you may use old candle stubs);
  2. Candlewick (it is sold in shops);
  3. Ware for wax melting;
  4. Water-bath
  5. Colorants or wax pencils;
  6. Essential oil;
  7. Mould for candles;

The process is very simple and fascinating. As a first step, fix a candlewick on the bottom of the ware where you will pour the matter for a candle in.  Reel the candlewick on a thin stick and fix it on the edges of the mould.

fix candlewick

image how to fix candelwick

fix candlewick bottom

Melt down candle matter on the water-bath. Add essential oil into the matter and mix it properly.

mix carefully wax with oils

Carefully pour the melt matter into the mould. Pay attention to the candlewick lest it become displaced.

The product is ready! It is necessary only to wait while the candle hardens and then it can be applied.

Why are essential oils expensive?

Concentration of essential oils in the plants is very low. Rose petals contain only 0.02 % of them. For example, the processing of 100 kg of rose petals gives as little as 50 g of essential oil. That is why factory made oils are expensive.

rose oil gow much oils

Unfortunately, an assortment of essential oils in pharmacies and supermarkets is often represented by low-grade products or even by counterfeit ones. If you are going to use essential oils for cosmetics and medicine then it is better to produce them by yourselves. Only in this case, you can be sure of the quality of an extracted essential oil.

Home-made essential oils

There are many producers of essential oils and you can buy them in a pharmacy. However, you can make them at home using special equipment.

  • Having produced essential oil singly you will be sure of its quality and naturalness of raw material.
  • Having a still for extraction of essential oil you may make permanent experiments with formulations and find new combinations of herbs.
  • You may turn this hobby into a profitable business without leaving home. Essential oils are very popular especially if 100 % of raw materials for their production are natural.

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