What is aromatherapy? – Copper Pro — Essential Oil Distillation Equipment

What is aromatherapy? – Copper Pro — Essential Oil Distillation Equipment

Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasant procedures which can improve considerably mood, elevate psycho-emotional state, invigorate, and help to mitigate fatigue after a heavy day. Essential oils of flowers, fruits, herbs are distinguished by high content of vitamins, minerals, microelements and hormones which influence simultaneously on brain, blood and function of many organs and systems.

Several decades ago aromatherapy was accessible only at expensive spa salons. Then aroma candlesticks began to appear at the market but their curative properties were lost in the process of oil heating. Nowadays reflux stills of essential oils are in fashion. They enable to turn personal herb and flower picking into the source of strength and fount of health which can be used as you wish.

Main secret of successful procedure

Aromatherapy is considered one of the most safety nondrug ways to improve health state. However, it is necessary to remember the rule of prudence to get a really excellent effect i.e. first, you need to test odor and understand whether it is suitable for you, whether it makes positive emotions and whether desired result stays after its application. It is difficult to overestimate the advantages of aromatherapy as a practical science but it is worth noticing some of them:

immediate and accumulative effect;
there are some odors for solvation of many problems;
formation of ideal balance between psychological and physical health;

Essential oils are source of useful substances which are necessary for human body. They penetrate through a mucous membrane into the blood and begin to work at once. In addition, many herbs have integrated effect:

– sage improves blood circulation and decreases arterial tension;
– peppermint relaxes and anaesthetizes
– ginger improves immunity and gives strength when it seems it is impossible to find it;
– carnation reinforces immune properties;
– cinnamone activates libido;
– rosemary relieves emotional stress;
– lavender and pyrethrum cure weakness, inflammatory processes, and bad mood;

Home-based aromatherapy enables not only to improve health but also to make prophylaxis of dangerous virus infections. This science has been known since ancient Idia, China, Egypt, and has unique features depending on climate conditions and local flora of each country. Sweet and spice odors are usually applied in hot countries but pine and fresh odors are mainly used in the Northern countries, including USA.

It does not matter whether you like fresh odor or prefers dense aroma, homemade ester of your own production will become an important component for aromatherapy procedures. Using reflux stills you will be sure in natural compound and absence of admixtures in your essential oils. We make proposal to buy suitable models to produce authentic and energetically positive product.

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