Situation in Ukraine on 22 feb 22.

Situation in Ukraine on 22 feb 22.
Dear Ones,
We keep getting your questions about situation in Ukraine. We would like to share our personal perception of what is going on here and we do not mean this is absolute truth. This is just our opinion on latest news. 
Yes, many of us here are quite stressed. Yesterday on my way to Kyiv, from my parents place I have noticed a new block post was being built as this place is quite close to border with Belorussia. Just 20 min later I noticed an infantry fighting vehicle was moving on the same direction (border).
There is no war happing now on the border to Russia or Belorussia, accept the war happening for many years now with so called New Republics on the eastern part of Ukraine. 
Unfortunately, almost every day few people are dying there every day. 
Many people left Kyiv, capital of Ukraine because of the possible large scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine. But we prefer working and trying our best to keep our clients happy. 
Current economic situation is Ukraine is hard to, because of possible large scale war many investors took their investments back from Ukraine. This means we have to work harder to maintain our like intact and fulfill our needs. 
We would like to offer you better prices so your direct support will be more easy for you, our dear clients. You can support us by choosing our products. 
We appreciate your care!
Iurii Zhukov, CopperPro founder and CEO

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