How to make essential oils

General description of the distillation process

The boiler of your distiller serves as a steam generator for steam distillation. The dome (flavor column) is meant to keep selected raw material above the water so steam distillation can happen. If your intention is to extract the essential oil, we advise filling the boiler with 1.5 L water for 2 L and 5 L still and with 3 L for 10 L still. If you would like to have hydrosol for further use, you can fill the boiler up to 80% of its volume.

When water steam rises up, it takes the particles of essential oil of the raw material. Subsequently, the steam goes through the steam pipe to the cooler. Cool water comes into the cooler(condenser) from the bottom part and cools down the tubes installed inside the cooler. The steam passes inside the same tubes and consequently gives its temperature to the water. Hot water leaves the cooler from the upper part and cooled hydrosol drops from the extended tube of the cooler.

 Full instructions for using the distiller

Essential oils can be extracted by different means. For home extraction, there are two possibilities: steam extraction and water extraction. Former is the one when raw material is allotted above water level. This one is considered as a more efficient mean of oil extraction. By water, distillation is meant a distillation process when raw material is in the water itself.

So, if you want to get a lot of essential oil you need as big flavor column as possible.



Oil separator assembling. To assemble the separator you have to put a glass tube on metal part with two rubber rings. Before inserting grease rubber rings with any oil. Then gently insert the glass tube making circular movements.


Put your distiller on your electric or gas stove. Induction stove will not work. Check if oils separator with a funnel fits below the extent tube. If not, use some books or other means to adjust these two items accordingly.

Once height adjustment was done, you can connect the cooler with your water system or with a water pump. To connect the still with water system you can use adapter we send with the still. For this, you have to remove the aerator from your home tap and install the adapter.

Once done, please connect the adapter and bottom tube of the cooler using the hose. The second hose is used to drain a hot water from the upper tube of the cooler into the sink. If you apply the water pump, you need to put a bucket full of cold water on the same surface of the still. You need a t least 1500 l/hour water pump. The pump is to be connected with the lower tube of the cooler. And hot water from the upper tube will be drained back to the basket.


If your intention is to extract the essential oil, we advise filling the boiler with 1.5 L water for 2 L and 5 L still and with 3 L for 10 L still. If you would like to have hydrosol for further use, you can fill the boiler up to 80% of its volume. Pour cold boiling water into the boiler.

Fill the column with raw material. Leave some space if hard raw materials like rosemary are applied. Hard raw materials can add up to 20% in the size. Close the column with the sieve.


Put a silicone gasket on the boiler, put a column, put a clamp-on.

Put an oil separator with funnel below the extent tube. Put a vessel below the copper tube of the separator to collect the hydrosol.
Switch on the stove and wait first drops of best hydrosol and essential oil of home quality to come.

1. Set the maximum heating temperature for whole distillation.

2. If you are extracting the essential oil, you can stop it after 10-15 min of dropping. Up to 90% of essential oil content of your material will be extracted within this time. For hard materials like rosemary, you can prolong distillation process up to 25 min.

3. If you want to extract more essential oil you can do refilling of the column with the same raw material. For refilling do following

  • Switch off the stove, remove carefully the clamp. Hold the lower part of the cooler.
  • Taking into account water hoses put a column aside and remove the sieve
  • Remove the raw material from the column using the stick
  • Put a new raw material into the column and act as described above
  • You can repeat the refilling process multiple times

Caution! All parts of the still except the lower part of the cooler are very hot. Take care and use glows, preferably. Take care of the steam when removing the column.


Often during essential oil extraction, small particles go with essential oil and make it impure. To collect pure essential oil you can leave essential oil in the separator for 3 to 4 hours or more if required. All the particles with go down and you can collect pure oil using the pipette.

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