Advantages of copper stills

Advantages of copper stills

Copper was one of the first metals which mankind developed for its purposes including home application. It happened due to found reserves of copper and its fusibility.
Tableware, plumbing, jewelry and even distillers made of copper are the things
associated with quality, style, grace, and usability.

The copper still is the spirit of tradition because initially stills were made of this metal.
The first to use copper for production of such apparatuses were Arabs. The metal could assume any form and size, had high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.
After a while people began to use copper for still production in Europe too. The French
made a great contribution having started production of copper alembics. Copper stills are used worldwide for production of essential oils in large and small enterprises until now.


Significance of copper for stills

The copper stills become hot quickly that contributes to uniform heating and
acceleration of distillation process. As a result, useful substances and aromatic
compounds are extracted from raw material at once. Consequently, you will get natural odor of herbal preparations and blooms preserved in your oil or hydrolat.
One more considerable advantage of copper is its antibacterial properties. That is why hydrolats and essential oils produced with copper equipment will have a long shelf life without addition of preservatives.

It is also important to note that the copper stills are hardwearing and have long useful life. They are easy repaired with the use of food tableware alloys.
Our apparatuses are created from certified copper produced in Western Europe. Clamp connection is made of food stainless steel 304. It is possible to dismantle the still easily in hot state as well as in cold state due to the clamp, and it is unnecessary to wait when it cools. That type of connection also provides the leak-proofness of the apparatus in the process of distillation. As a result, vapor doesn’t outflow on joints. It is issue of safety and cost effectiveness.

Beautiful design solution

Distilling equipment made of copper is beautiful not only when it is new and polished.Over time the still gets natural coating i.e. patina. It creates some charm of refinement. Therefore, it doesn’t matter when you acquired the copper apparatus. It will be always beautiful and refined addition of you interior.

The copper still will allow you to extract environmentally-friendly and completely natural essential oils made of herbs which grow on your balcony or under the windows of the house. The apparatus also can become an excellent present for you or your friends who are interested in essential oils, production of homemade cosmetics and etc.

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