Aromas and their effect on human health and energetics

Aromas and their effect on human health and energetics

We get more than 15 % of all the information from outside due to our smelling. Based on pleasant or unpleasant smell our body makes conclusion about objects or atmosphere and understands how they are suitable or comfortable for it and even can “call out” them from the memory.

Odor effects

Molecules of substances (including essential oil) influence on the brain, and provoke its response. It was proven in 2004 when aromacology, a new special science, emerged. Representatives of beauty industry took its innovations on board immediately. Effect of odors on mood, emotions and psychological state has been known for a long time.

The most popular essential oils were the following:

– the lavender exerted relaxation effect;

– the juniper could mitigate as well as provoke activity;

– the pyrethrum was applied for rejuvenation;

– the sage reinforced immunity and treated depressions.

One of scientific theories says that odor molecules penetrate through a mucous membrane into the body. They penetrate quickly and completely into blood and influence on brain. Some odors have an accumulative effect: the more frequently we breathe odors the more powerful effect we can expect.

Odors for mood and health

The scientists of Harvard University discovered that lavender and peppermint odors have positive effect on brain activity of teenagers, stimulating their mental processes and improving memory. Positive impact of the rosemary was proven for respiration system: if a human performs aroma procedures using this herb during 5-10 minutes as minimum 3 times per week the risk to catch ARVI is reduced by 55 %, caught and cold by 60 %.

Hong Kong scientists studied effect of essential oils against psychological disturbances. It was proven that the peppermint, lemongrass, sage and tea tree help to cure fatigue, crises and bad mood.

Energetics and odors

Olfactory brain center analyzes reactions to odors. Everybody could note that some strong odor stays in memory or some person is associated with a specific odor. Sometimes a person can change his/her energetics by means of aroma procedures.

– if there is no vigor and vitality, if there is slackness then it is worth to breathe odors of the carnation, ginger, musk, neroli;

– if it is necessary to relax or shift from active life period and to relieve a little bit boiling energy it is worth to use aromas of the sage and pyrethrum.

– aromas of the lemon balm, lemon and bergamot are suitable for purification of energy and its rehabilitation;

Positive, immediate and prolonged effect can guarantee only natural essential oils without any chemical admixtures, artificial flavoring agents, alcohol and synthetical taste enhancers. You can get them using reflux stills and have 100 % guaranty that your products is really proper.

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