Why you would choose Copper Pro® Distillers?

Why you would choose Copper Pro® Distillers?

We create both practical and aesthetically beautiful  equipment. Our stills will allow you to produce purest essential oils and hydrosols from raw materials grown by you or purchased.


Copper distillation equipment is used by mankind for the production of essential oils and alcohol since ancient times. At the same time, one can find even today modern copper stills at the most outstanding industries.


You fall in love with the Copper Essential Oil Distiller the moment you see first rays of light reflected on its perfectly polished surface. You have not yet seen it in full, but it already excites your heart. Over time, when the device is covered with a natural patina, it will become even more noble.

Fair pay

For us, business is about attitude. We value our customers and strive to provide the best service and product at the best price. And the very first clients in our business are our employees. We care about decent wages for their work and proper production conditions.

A large assortment

We have everything from miniature top table essential oil steam distillers to large semi-industrial scale equipment.

Worldwide delivery

You can receive our products as soon as possible at any place in the world.


Our equipment is hand-made. We constantly monitor the quality of our ready made products. At the same time, product damage sometimes occurs during transportation. We always find the most convenient solution with the client if some issues arise. Our task is to ensure that each client gets what he expected, and even more.

Ease of use

Our distillers have a unique design that has been developed by our Copper Pro® team in order to obtain maximum efficiency and ease of use for the client. The two main copper parts of the apparatus are clamped together. This type of connection allows you to assemble and disassemble the device at any point of time. You can disassemble the still immediately after completing the extraction or in order to reload it. Disassembling the device is almost as easy as swiping on the screen.

Taking care for nature.

We realize that our business activities on production and shipping of our copper oil extractors require a lot of nature energy and resources. Still we would to maintain balance with nature by supporting NGO working on preserving our home planet and its wild areas. We do provide monthly financial support to UNCG.org.ua and others. Also we try to minimize consumption of packaging materials by applying styrofoam  supplied by local sorting center.

Hundreds of satisfied customers around the world are already using our Copper Pro® stills. They are very happy to apply obtained oils and hydrosols for own purpose. It becomes evident if one checks reviews on our website and in social networks.

Check it yourself, too!

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